Monday, July 2, 2012

Dining Room Art Update

My heart was set on my large gallery frame wall the minute we knew the house was ours. My plan all along is to change the art out seasonally, using the frames to bring some decor into our home. I've never been too big on holiday decorating and I think I'll enjoy this subtle approach.

If you caught our first post about the dinning room update you saw what found a home in the gallery frames first. In true Pinterest fashion - paint swatches. While I still love these and have tucked them away to be seen again next spring it was time for our summer update.

The backstory about our summer gallery art is a spring trip we planned to Newport, RI. We went to school in Rhode Island and take an off season trip to Newport once a year. The trip has two missions. 1) eat at some of our favorite restaurants, and 2) visit our favorite antique store, ever! The Armory, to pick out vintage post cards of Newport.

Turns out we couldn't get reservations anywhere we wanted and the antique store was closed for renovations! Luckily there are still Irish Pubs, Starbucks, and Etsy. I found these post cards in an Etsy shop and they are perfect.

The Mount Hope Bridge one is our favorite because it's a Roger Williams University landmark, where we met! There is also a single frames antique postcard of Purgatory Chasam in Newport, where Matt proposed.

And this art update fell into our "free" & "cheap" projects list at $15 for the post cards mounted on scrapbook paper from the stash.

Have you done a cheap of free project lately? link it up over here!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! The paint swatches were cute, too, but these have a lot of meaning and that's my favorite thing ever in a house. :-)

  2. Thanks Paige! I need to plan an update for them for autumn and christmas too!