Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekend Adventures: the "athletes"

Because we already don't sleep enough with work and the new house, why not tack on endurance events to occupy our "free" time? A few years after living together we began to tackle exercise more seriously. Neither of us were getting any smaller...we ran our first 5k together about four years ago. It was the farthest either of us had ever run. Fast forward to this summer and we actually enjoy each others company during our 5:30 am runs around the neighborhood. This is possibly because we're still half asleep and don't 100% realize how crazy we Meg are is.

Matt has taken running to new levels. Last year he ran a 10 miler and this past May used his new found enjoyment of running to raise money for our troops coming home at the 9k Run to Home Base at Fenway Park. I'm really proud of him.

While I'm still trying to be a better runner, cycling has always been my true athletic passion. I'm about to ride my third Pan Mass Challenge, a charity cycling race supporting cancer research and care. It's in 9 days!!!  I'll be riding a century (100 miles) on August 4th. Training uses a good chunk of my weekend hours but the event is worth it. Wish me lots of luck this year because I haven't gotten in quite as much training as I'd like to.  It's also my Dad/daughter weekend, he rides with me.   

Wish us luck this year with our goals!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I love this post, and definitely think we (read: he) would be more interested in running together if it landed us in Fenway in the end :]