Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mission: Free & Cheap Projects

All of the new home owners/new renters out there, can you relate to our current predicament?

You just shelled out a good chunk of your life savings on your down payment/rental deposit. You move into your beautiful new place and want to outfit it to look like - face it - everything you've been pinning since you knew the place would be yours! You don't notice at first, but after a good four months it hits. You're balancing your budget and you start to wonder "what have we done?" Your poor credit card has gotten a work out.

In the spirit of blogging about real stuff, ugly or pretty, let's all get ourselves in check, know that those homes on Pinterest weren't built in a day, and get on the free/cheap project band wagon.

This Dream Home = Years of Hard Work

Here is the plan: make a list of every free/cheap project you can get done in your home. Projects you've purchased materials for that have sat unfinished are allowed as long as your either not spending anything, or only your predetermined "cheap budget" to finish it. Our predetermined "cheap budget" is about $40 for the month. After you've made said list, Git-er-done!

18 Preston's Free & Cheap Projects
  • Update Dining Room Gallery Art - DONE
  • Paint guest bedroom (paint left over from old apartment)
  • Install front door bell (parts purchased in January)
  • Install new house numbers and update mailbox (purchased new numbers in January, $6 for spray paint) - DONE
  • Paint canoe in porch (spent $4 on paint pot sample to use)
  • Make craft room curtains (fabric purchased in February)
  • Finish mud room (have wood and paint) - DONE
  • Use old Groupon to order a gallery frame!
  • Select photos for wedding album (yes, still not done, 3 year anniversary is in August)
I'm sure we'll be adding to this list while we get our new home spending problem under control and maybe even start building up that nest egg again. Saving money takes time and perseverance. Will you join our free/cheap project mission?

18 Preston Free & Cheap Projects

You're welcome to link up your lists or completed projects below. Grab a button and follow along.


  1. I am TOTALLY going to join your free/cheap project mission! Once we get a new place! Haha! It would be pretty difficult to do that if you're in the middle of a move :)

    1. I saw about the move... have you found a place?! I hope you stay close! we can trade leftover paint!

  2. Oh yes, we're definitely part of Team Cheap. Some of our furniture legitimately needs to be replaced when we move, but we're going to IKEA for a lot of it. I've also been stalking estate sales and flea markets again, so hopefully I'll score some good deals there.

    And this is unrelated, but your anniversary is close to ours! We're celebrating 3 years on July 25th. :-)

  3. We bought and started our (never-ending) remodeling project last year in September and even now we are not done.
    I found inspiration on Pinterest and looked for affordable solutions.
    When it comes to decor, I got only furniture on IKEA (tables and shelves), some on Overstock (affordable great chairs, curtains and light fixtures), Ross has cheap carpets and TJ Maxx has great table lamps.. Last week I found a great pair on sale for $20 each!

    I am very happy with Overstock.. since I want quality for cheap prices.

    Good luck with the project! is going to be hard but fun! :)