Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest Bedroom - DONE!

Does anyone remember our little story about using our three day Memorial Day weekend to bust out a guest bedroom renovation? 
Does this before photo jog your memory?

What about this gorgeous inspiration board that Paige at Little Nostalgia put together for us?  Paige is currently studying interior design and she couldn't have been a more perfect designer to work with.  We have similar taste, and she has the skills to put everything together and provide a cohesive look for a space.

Have you caught on yet that I said Memorial Day weekend and here we are at the next three day weekend of the year in September?  Have you found the irony in the print Paige picked out above and provided us February 21st? So this projected ended up being a bit more complicated than planned - and we added a bit more scope than what Paige gave us. (Matt's working on installing new recessed lighting as I put this post together. But I couldn't wait any longer to share this:

I'm going to break down this room using Paige's list of suggestions.  We did purchase a few new tools for the project, but since they are investment items and the only way I could get Matt's buy in to help me, those aren't included in the pricing below.

-- Since Meg and her husband are into DIY, I think they should go for the wood ceiling! I would go with white, since the room needs the illusion of height.
This was the hardest part of the whole project - but we are so glad we went for it.  There will be no how-to on this, because it's not perfect.  The beadboard comes primed, and we did make the mistake of using the semi-gloss trim paint we used on the ceiling... this will unfortunately need a coat or flat paint to hide the non perfect spots.  $350 

-- As for the walls, I'd do a pale blue to keep the open feel while adding a touch of color. It's hard to pick one online, but Breathless from Olympic could be a starting point.
We went with Behr Wave Crest in eggshell on the walls - an almost perfect match to Paige's suggestion.  It's a personal preference but I prefer Behr Premium Plus paint.  We also needed primer and I updated all the trim to a fresh new white coat matching Behr semi-gloss to a BM Chantilly Lace. $76

-- Some dark bamboo shades from Home Depot ($37/ea.) will add contrast and keep the room from feeling too light. Keeping the existing wicker chair and dresser and spraying them dark brown to match would also provide some richness.
Check and Check - we went with some faux wood shades in espresso ($61 for both) and spray painted the chair and dresser with Rustolem 2X in Satin Espresso.  $12

-- I would center the double bed under the window and add a simple nightstand from IKEA ($70) on the left to balance out the AC unit. And keep that metal lamp, too! It's cute.
I really enjoy the look of the one bed in the center - much more than the two mismatches sizes.  I scored the night stand at a yard sale for $5!  It was dark wood and from Ethan Allen.  I'm sure wood purists would freak out (that's like a $250 night stand) but I sanded it down and sprayed it with Rustoleum 2X in satin Lagoon. $17

-- A turquoise throw pillow also from IKEA ($7) would work well in the chair. If a guest gets cold, a simple white quilt ($40) would be nice at the foot of the bed.
I'm so glad my mom taught me how to sew! - I purchased white and light blue linen fabric and made the simple cafe curtain and all the pillow covers.  The pillow inserts came from the craft supply stash. $20

-- Meg already has some colorful art, but if she needs more this print from Etsy would be fun ($18).
We actually haven't hung the art yet - but I decided to also include a print on the nightstand.  This one was also from an Etsy seller!  And she happens to be local to where I work in Boston.  $30 including the frame.

The last piece of scope we added was to replace a low ceiling mount light fixture with three energy efficient recessed lights.  $133

Grand Total: about $700.  We're happy with that number.  We got to it because of the DIY curtains and pillows, already owning all the bedding, accessories, and small light fixtures, and the super steal on the nightstand.  Not a bad transformation.


  1. Wow- that came out awesome. I really love the bead board on the ceiling!!! It makes it look expensive and very cottage-y. The whole room really came together!

  2. Hi Meg,
    I'm just wondering, how many coats did you do of the Rust-Oleum 2X Espresso? And, did you do a top-coat of glaze or something? I'm researching the color for my own blue and brown room. I absolutely love what you've done here!