Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer in Instagram

I'm trying to get Matt on the Instagram bandwagon as well so you can see what we've both been up to, but for our first Instagram post you'll have to check of what my summer has looked like so far.

1. Some early games at Fenway Park and Matt's Run to Home Base

2. Coffee on the porch on the weekends

3. Making beer cocktails! This one is Hogarden mixed with a raspberry lambic

4. Two craft fairs so far for my Jewelry work

5. Several custom bridal orders completed

6. Produce from my garden

7. I LOVE oysters! Had some for our anniversary date

8. Cirque du Solie in Boston for our anniversary

9. Longest bike ride of the summer, 65 miles finished off with Ben & Jerry's

How's your summer so far? Is anyone capturing it with Instagram?


  1. Fun! I want to come drink coffee on your porch. :-)

  2. Oh instagram, so much fun! Great shots! Love the stadium one =)

    Visiting from the Etsy Blog Team

    (I have just started hosting a weekly photo challenge with two other bloggers, it's a fun little link-up party we're hoping catch on. Would love it if you'd check it out and maybe take part!

  3. Whoa, a 65 mile bike ride! You go girl. Well-deserved ice cream indeed. :-)