Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dining Room Progress

It's been forever since I posted our January photos of the dining room.

Remember this one? I couldn't choose a paint color.  I put 8 different samples on the wall trying to figure out the perfect shade.  And for a while I thought I might stencil the room.  I was after texture.

I had a very distinct inspiration I was going for.  Enter Pinterest
I know, there are a million shades of gray/green on this wall. No wonder I had such a hard time finding the perfect one.  Since we do have a kegorator in the dinning room, and eventualy plan on building it in, I fell in love with the upscale bar like feel from this photo.  Not to mention the rich wood matches our exposed trim and china cabinet.

Ok, and now to be dramatic, Dining Room Before:
And Dining Room after:

And the winner was Behr Scotland Road, which I love saying in a funny accent.  Scotland Road.

It's the perfect gray/green we were looking for.

Can you see on the very far right of this photos - some gallery frames?!  This was one of our first big decor splurges.  I did get them on sale from West Elm, but when you're purchasing nine13 x 13 gallery frames, even on sale it's still a splurge.

And can you guess what's in them? I didn't even buy them for this reason, it just happened.  Give up? Those are all the silly paint samples I bought and tried on that wall before choosing the winner - who is featured in the middle.  I wanted the frames with the intent of switching out the artwork seasonally.  So stash of scrapbook paper + left over paint samples = artsy gallery wall.  I just got vintage postcards of Newport, RI to fill the frames in for the summer.  Lots of ocean and beach images!

And my last project for the dining room (for now,) a terrarium.  They are all over the internet - so I made my own and it's cute.  I have one succulent in there hanging out with two air plants (I'm obsessed with air plants.)

What do you think? From yellow to gray/green was such a welcomed change.  Now we need more than four chairs so I can have a dinner party!

Future work in this room will include:
  • more chairs
  • add a rug
  • change fabric lining in china cabinet (I've even bought the fabric)
  • build in kegorator and glassware storage
  • build our own chandelier, maybe with Edison bulbs


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! It looks fantastic!

    By the way, West Elm has such great ideas and I can see a lot of inspiration drawn from there (i.e. color, frames, terrarium, etc). But you've made it your own!

    Can't wait to see your next project!
    Cathy Mini

    1. Thanks Cathy! Now that I finally got the house tour out of the way I can move onto our projects. We've been busy since January 1st!

  2. I love your gallery wall! Putting that on Pinterest right now.

    1. Thanks Paige! I'll have to get a photo with better light, and updates when I change the artwork!

  3. Wow, what a difference! Your new dining room is gorgeous. And I love what you did with the paint swatches - I've never seen anyone do that, what a creative idea!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Erin from EBT :)

    1. Hi Erin, thanks so much. The paint swatches was a total accident - I thought, hum, what do I have nine of.... paints!
      Thanks for following along.