Monday, July 23, 2012

Blogging the Real Stuff & Our Dedication

A few months ago a buzz started around "blog world". It's time to get real with our readers. Why paint a pretty picture? We all watch reality TV for a reason! The drama, it's ok to let a little drama into blog world.

We're learning from what we like to read about. Over on Young House Love, I like when John shared the story of the leak in the roof, they became real to me in that post and made me want to read more. And a friend just started to blog about the Husband's side of pregnancy. Matt is following that one for warnings! We started our get real initiative in our post about Free & Cheap Projects. Were talking about keeping decor expenses in check and working at making up for going a little overboard in the beginning.

Because we hope to always blog the real stuff, good or bad, we are officially dedicating our blog to:

The Weekend Warrior

The real side of this blog, 18 Preston, is that Matt and I are weekend warriors. This is why you don't see regular blog posts. We both work 9-5s (actually make that 7-6s with a working lunch most days.) I travel for my job. I'm sleeping in hotel rooms about 6 nights a month, have been making Boston - LA flight every other week for the past four months. I drafted this blog post on an airplane. We can only get to laundry on the weekends. I regularly fall asleep on the couch by 9pm on Fridays. Sometime we feel like we're sprinting a marathon just to get to the weekend. And of course, then they go by so quickly!

So we're hoping to feature the challenges of home projects when you only have the weekend, those 48 precious hours each week to get those DIY projects done. If you're a weekend warrior and have tackled a large project we want to hear from you! Even if its just your handy man (husband/s.o.) who is the weekend warrior tell us about your self.  And leave a link to your blog in the comments section below!  Tell us what worked, and what didn't. How did you break up the project? How many weekends did it take? Tell us all about it! We want to feature other Weekend Warriors, just like us
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  1. What an adorable house...I love the cozy little sitting room. We had our house built, so you would think that everything would be done. Not so. I'm one of those who procrastinates and then decides that everything must be done "right now" we send the kids to grandma's and have a marathon project weekend! Good luck with all your weekend projects!


    1. Thanks Christine! I like your idea of sending the kids to grandmas to get things done, we don't have kids yet, but I'm sure we'll come up with more project then too - and need this tip!