Monday, July 15, 2013

The Liquor Bottle Tiki Torch

Many of our summer nights are spent outdoors, however around here, that means mosquitos. We inherited a bug zapper in the move, but wanted something a little less...weird. I love tiki torches. Like, an oddly obsessive amount. Another thing I love is good tequila. I usually have a bottle of Parton Silver on hand. Not only does the tequila taste great, but the bottle looks pretty cool too. We found a pretty sweet way to upcycle the bottle and kill bugs at the same time. (To be fair, the idea did come from a Lowe's catalog, we just made it better.)

Here is what you'll need:

  • One empty bottle of Patron
  • Tiki Torch fluid
  • Spare tiki torch wick (they sell these to 2-packs at Home Depot)
  • Washers

The actual assembly is straight forward.  Trim the wick so there is about an inch above the bottle opening.  We used two washers, one at the top of the bottle and the other set a bit higher to raise the flame from the top of the bottle, we didn't want to lignite the whole thing!  Please don't use this around children or clumsy adult though - the torch fluid could spill since there isn't a good seal.

Now go make some margaritas so you can make a Patron Bottle Tiki Torch too!

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  1. This is totally awesome! x