Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Matt's Areas

There are two areas that Meg left out of the house tour, she told me I'm in charge of blogging about them, so here we go, finally. We've only been in the house for 8 months...

I've got the basement and the garage. There isn't much to them except storage, and my AWESOME work bench(es). We also have a beverage fridge. It holds mostly beer, as well as soda and juice for when we have guests with kids. It started out as a full fridge/freezer that the previous home owners left, but that died 2 weeks after we bought the house. We were able to "donate" that to someone that was willing to take it to the scrap yard. It saved me the hassle of getting rid of it and he made a few bucks.

We had to buy a washer/dryer set before we moved in. We found a set on sale for half price and couldn't pass it up. We called our mortgage company to make sure a big purchase was OK, and got them. We couldn't be happier with them.

Somehow we were able to inherit a bunch of things for free. We got a bunch of stuff from Meg's parents that didn't make the move from their house to their new place. That included a drill press, table saw and a router with a table. We also got a bunch of cabinet pieces that we need to decide what to do with.

With our neighbor packing up and driving across the country, they're getting rid of a bunch of stuff too. So far, they have generously given us an old TV and stand as well as a bunch of stuff they put on the road for free, including a set of sawhorses. I ended up chopping the stand in half, putting the TV on the bottom half and using the top half in the garage to hide all the gasoline, motor oil and other home owner liquids. My office has also recently changed locations and got a whole bunch of new office furniture. Anything that wasn't going to the new space was up for grabs. Storage was a little confusing in the basement, so I grabbed what I thought would be useful. The first thing I put my name on was my new work bench. It's a huge table, 3'x7'. It's already been great. There was a sheet of glass on top that we'll show you in another post after we up cycle it.

The garage is a little tight, but we make it work. The lawn tools (including my reel mower!) are in the garage with the garden tools and other outdoor stuff while the workshop stuff is in the basement.

Eventually, and hopefully soon, we need to fit a 1970 El Camino in the garage. That will entail a lot more blogging from me, so stay tuned for that.


  1. I'm jealous of your free stuff! We got a piano and a shelf from my in-laws, and we did find some wood on the side of the road that we're turning into a table, but that's it. You guys got lucky!

    1. We love all the free stuff we were able to get. The cull lumber bin (scraps that are sold for pennies) at Home Depot has been another great resource. I check it every time and buy anything that is in good shape that can be used later. It's made more than a few pieces around the house.