Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Curtain Project No. 2

I tackled my first curtain project last March.  About that same time, I bought some fabric for my craft room curtains.  It was pricey - but I just fell in love with these little birds.  How could you not?!

I've never been a sewer and although I seem to have masted the pillow cover, and did alright at the kitchen curtains, but this project scared me.  It could be because it would be the first time not working with cotton fabric.  Cotton is easy to press and make hems and seams.  This embroidered bird fabric is polyester and I was lost.  Just under a year after the purchase I finally brought it to my mom for help.  It also didn't help that I wanted a London Shade design...

London Shade: a cousin to the Roman shade in looks, but made like a balloon shade with side rigging and the bottom dowel omitted.  

Instead of all the fancy direction in the curtain book I bought - we just sewed the lining and fabric right sides together - leaving a rod pocket at the top.  turned all the fabric right side out through that pocket and pressed just the edges to get this:

We left 1 1/2" for the rod pocket - creating this beautiful ruffle at the top.

Then came in the "cousin to the Roman shade" part and I needed to add rigging.  It ended up being really simple - I added rings 14" in from each side.  The first ring I sewed 12" from the bottom of the curtain and continued about halfway up ever 6"

After the rigging was complete I had my finished product and I couldn't be happier!

Have you ever attempted a project out of your comfort zone?  I'm so glad I finally did because I am SO happy with the results.  They are perfect in my craft room. And if that someday become a baby room, it will be perfect for that as well!

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