Monday, February 11, 2013

Master Bedroom Details

The Master Bedroom is on it's way to being designed and finish which is an item on my 101 in 1001 days list!  New paint is complete.  We brought the living room color in, Behr Cozy Cottage, because we loved it so much.  We're going for a Rustic Lodge Hotel look.  Some of our inspiration is on this Pinterest Board:  The room isn't complete quite yet - but I want to share with you some of the details we've finally finished.

Wedding photos for our home is another thing that's been on the list for a long time now.  We used a Christmas gift card to get all three of these frames from Target and a small business Friday coupon to order photos from our portrait shoot we did with my friend Debbie @Deborah Zoe Photo.  Yes, we're at an ice cream stand in that photo, it's one of my favorites!

You may or may not know that I firmly think all curtains and curtain rods are grossly overpriced.  And it's unfortunate because when you are in a tight neighborhood you NEED curtains and curtain rods.  Inspired by some industrial ones I've seen at West Elm we hit the hardware store to add a curtain rod to the master bedroom window and ended up with this:

Copper pipe and pipe hangers!  We're still missing outer curtains - I'm thinking sheers and then solid roman shades to replace these brown things.  The three pipe hangers and copper pipe came in at a total of $13.  That's what curtain rods should cost.  I also love the copper color on the rich wood trim and the fact that it's pipe.  Maybe that's the construction manager in me.

The last detail finished so far is the one I'm most proud of.  We'll call it a West Elm hack for hacking purposes.  I love the idea of creating designs of completely overpriced furniture.  The West Elm Patchwork dresser is what we tackled.  I fell in love with it when it came out, but #1 we do not need a new dresser, and #2 it's $1,000!  But I did have some untouched natural wood closet doors to work with.  (I love out black watch flannel sheets from L.L. Bean! - those were a Christmas present!)

Source: via Miss on Pinterest

These closet doors were begging for some kind of make over.  So I primed and painted all the "trim" white and stained each square different for the West Elm patch work look.  Now we have unique closet doors and a big piece of art for the bedroom!  I got to use paint the old home owners left behind for the trim and it was Benjamin Moore low VOC paint.  I'm hooked! We normally buy Behr from Home Depot at $32 a gallon - but the low VOC of a better quality paint was so much nicer to work with - no smell!  I may spurge for the good paint for whatever project we tackle next.

Have you hacked anything lately? I've seen one other patch work dresser hack and it was an IKEA dresser hacked to look like the West Elm one.  Personally I love the design on the closet doors!

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  1. Aaaah, so smart to use pipe! You're right that curtain rods are grossly overpriced. I tend to buy them at IKEA or outlet stores whenever I need any. And yes, no-VOC paint is the best. I'll gladly pay the extra money if it means I can paint year-round with the windows shut. :-)