Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Weekend

I love winter because we don't have many weekend commitments, allowing for more weekend house projects.  And working on our house makes us very happy.  We have a few weekend projects for the long President's Day weekend - many of which are inspired by Pinterest.

I found this large wall art on Lowe's Creative Ideas - I think it will make a great statement mantel piece for the winter months.

We've been looking at color samples again for our downstairs hallway and I've been trying to figure out a wall art solution that makes an impact but is also not expensive.  I was inspired this idea  I found on Pintrest. This blogger added this to a hallway primarily used just by her family and not by guest as a place to store some personal photos and notes.  I loved the idea and we've started some low profile shelves of our own for our hallway as well.

I also have a pin I posted a while ago that I still haven't tried.  Using sticker letters over a canvas and then painting white, revealing a special quote when the stickers are peeled up after painting.  I used this as a method of making our own wood sign for the porch - including our "Porch Rules"

Have you been working on any projects inspired by your pins?  I actually have a secret board over on Pinterst named "List of Projects to Work on instead of Pinning."  It's secret because I won't want you to know how many I haven't stopped to do... and how often I'm pinning instead.

We'll update this post after the weekend as well with some of these projects completed!

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