Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 House Update - Dining Room

Continuing some of our home updates in celebration our 2 year homeiversary.  We shared our kitchen updates a few weeks ago and we're moving onto the dining room.   

First, the inspiration for the room started on Pinterest, of course! 

And while it is still quite the work in progress, we've certainly come a long way from our yellow walls with nine paint pot samples to pick from!

Moving the coffee and espresso machines was another Pinterest inspiration.  Matt has quite the collection of coffee brewing methods including the espresso machine percolator, french press, and his current favorite, the Cold Brew Tody system.  

Let's run down the list of goals for the dining room and take note of where we've come in the past two years:

Dining Room
Paint walls - We used Behr Scotland Road
Dining Room Gallery Art Wall - we're still switching out the art about twice a year
Add Coffee bar with hanging hooks for mugs
Find a rug - we went with FLOR tiles
New Chandelier
Upholster the inside fabric panels of the china cabinet (I even bought the fabric!)
Extend the china cabinet into the kitchen so it's two sided
Purchase new kegorator (current would move to future deck)
Add custom millwork surrounding kegorator with wine storage.  Similar to this idea.

And after all of these updates, we hardly even use this room!!!  Does anyone else just walk by the dining room and never actually eat in in?  The plus side is that this is the cleanest room in the house!

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  1. I still love that paint color! Our dining room was one of the first spaces we worked on, mainly because it's only separated from the entry by a pony wall and it's what you see when you walk in. We do eat in there, though! And it's actually where my husband sits when he works from home. He likes the chairs, haha.