Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Grocery List!

Have you been following the Thanksgiving posts so far?  Please leave a comment if you are - I'm curious!
So far we've shared The Menu and our "Way in Advance" List

Next up I'm sharing the grocery list for the big event.  First you have a refresher of the menu with links to the recipes I'll be using.  The last four items I made up - unfortunately you'll have to wait until after thanksgiving for me to post those.  Second is the grocery list - get what you can now! We've purchased all our non perishables - but we're headed to California for a few days tomorrow night and wont be able to do the rest of the shopping until the Sunday before! We will put our battle gear on - Market Basket - the grocery store - is sure to be insane!

The Menu
§  Brown Sugar Candied Carrots
§  Farm Fresh Green Beans w/ sour cream lemon dressing
§  Apple Cider Braised Pearl Onions & Leeks
§  Tuscan Loaf Baked Stuffing

Grocery List

§  Onions – 8 (good to have on hand)
§  Celery
§  Pearl Onions
§  Leeks (garden)
§  Chives (garden)
§  Rosemary (garden)
§  Lemons – 4
§  Sweet Potatoes - 5
§  Russet potatoes – 5
§  Turnip – 3
§  Thyme
§  Green Beans
§  Carrots
§  Loaf of Fresh Bread

§  Unsalted Butter – and A LOT of it
§  Bacon
§  Whole Milk – 1 qt
§  Heavy Cream
§  Sour Cream
§  Sausage

§  Flour
§  Yeast
§  Sugar
§  Brown Sugar
§  Honey

§  Turkey
§  Chipolte peppers in adobo
§  White wine
§  Cheese Cloth

     What prep have you finished? Has anyone started their grocery shopping? Does anyone want to do our for us?

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