Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving @ 18 Preston - The Way in Advance List

Yesterday we shared our Turkey Day Menu.

To get ready for a feast like this - and to be able to execute this meal myself, it takes some serious preparations.  The list I'm sharing today is the "Way in Advance" list.  And by way in advance I mean before the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  (Unless it's a frozen turkey - then you better pick one up this week and get your defrosting on!)  While I'm writing some of these posts I'm actually taking up some valuable prep time.  But here is my list that I plan on having complete before the Sunday before Thanksgiving:

  • Guest List Confirmed - a count is helpful to order the turkey.  I went with 1.5lbs per person
  • Order the Bird - I placed my order with a local butcher for a fresh turkey, I don't want to be defrosting one 
  • Table linens & serving wear collected - I washed all my dishes this past weekend that  had been in the china cabinet for a while, we don't use 12 plates very often.  And since this is my first Thanksgiving I purchased some table linens and a set of 12 stemless wine glasses
  • Grocery Shopping - non perishables.  The store is going to be nuts leading up to the big day, get anything you can out of the way early.
  • What Other can Bring List - your guest will start asking what then can bring.  Have your menu ready and a list of answers you can give them.  Leave this by the phone so you husband can just read off the list when he's speaking with your guests too.     Our list includes:
    • appetizers
    • wine
    • dessert
  • Make Ahead Items - I have a few things I am comfortable making way ahead.
    • herbed goat cheese - for pre meal apps
    • herbed butter - sage and brown butter for rolls and gravy
    • rosemary salt - to season the turkey
    • rolls - I use this recipe, freeze them as instructed and cook from frozen 
  • Plan the Time Line - I'm really glad I got this out of the way early - I'll be sharing mine the weekend before the big day - stay tuned.
What have you checked off your list?  

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