Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's cooking tonight

Beer's not just for drinking anymore. Then again, it never has been for me. On more than on occasion Meg has come home late after a night with her friends or family and asked if I spilled beer or had hot dogs for dinner. If I'm not cooking hot dogs on the grill, they're being fried in beer. I've even ventured as far as using beer to boil pasta. Quick tip, add beer to the water, straight beer boils over fast and aggressively. The same tip goes for boiling lobster. Add a bottle of beer to the water and the shells will be easier to break through. But enough about me...

It's my birthday this weekend and I have an amazing wife that also thoroughly enjoys cooking with beer. She found a recipe for Espresso Stout Cupcakes via Pinterest. You can find the original recipe here. This is what we (Meg) made it look like. 

I was in love when I heard the idea. Espresso Stout also means that I get to buy one of my favorite beers. Great Divide Brewing Co. Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Bohemian Imperial Stout. That's a mouthful to say and at 9.5% ABV, it's a pretty hearty drink too. When we were in Colorado for our Beer Tasting Adventure (I swear I'll post about it eventually), I even bought the appropriate crystal tulip glass which, I swear, makes it taste better. 

Great Divide's motto is 'Great Minds Drink Alike' but if Meg is in charge, it applies to food, drink and food with the drink inside it. 

And just a quick FYI, I heard a local pizza company is also serving 'Adult Only' pizza with the toppings soaked in tasteful spirits. That gets a free plug from me. Salvatores Restaurants


  1. I have never heard of frying hot dogs in before! Might have to surprise my husband with that one of these nights :)

  2. Would you be willing to sell or trade that Yeti glass? It is(was) my favorite glass and I recently broke mine while washing it and would love to be able to replace it.

  3. Well, Meg was glad to hear that she wasn't the only one that breaks favorite glassware while cleaning it. I think it was within a week of this blog post too. Sorry. :-/ Looks like I'll have to meet you out in Denver so we can each pick up a new one. Happy drinking in the meantime.