Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In the Works...

As usual, there’s a few projects in the works that have been started and only need a little more work to get wrapped up, or at least to a better spot. That second part is referring specifically to my El Camino. It’s in Massachusetts from my parents house in Connecticut, but it’s not quite home yet. I owe a huge thanks to Meg’s uncle Mike who helped get it here with the use of his trailer, and now it’s at the shop he works at so I can take a look under it and get it in working condition.

The other major project in the works is our front railing. We bought all of the parts and pieces from Home Depot a couple of weeks ago and the special order balusters came in over the weekend and now we’re just doing some math to make sure everything works right. The good part of working on AutoCAD for over 8 hours a day is that you can whip up an accurate sketch in no time. Here’s a sneak peek of what we hope the railing will look like. We’ll put up another blog post of the work and final product after it’s done. Stay tuned!

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