Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Day Weekend!

Checkout guy at The Home Depot last night to Matt "Well, based on what you've got here, I'd say your weekend is completely shot."

We're actually glad for the rainy cold weather we've been handed the next two days.  We saw a three day weekend coming our way and I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity by tackling a big home project.

Let's look at the BEFORE shot before we start:

up stairs guest bedroom

And I'm not sure if we shared this - but we had a blog friend of mine, Paige from Little Nostalgia make up a room design board from us.  I LOVE her taste and she's currently in design school.  This is what filled our car last night:

You can read the full description of Paige's design board here.  I still need to pick up a few things - like the blinds, a side table, and throw blanket but we have all the bead board and trim in hand along with new paint for the trim, walls, and wicker chairs.

We'll keep you updated on our progress as we move along this weekend.
Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Quick update: The first HD didn't have all the bead board, so we picked up the rest of that this morning. Meg primed the whole room and I brought all the material and tools upstairs. (That doesn't sound like much, but 175 sq. ft. of bead board is a lot more than I thought it would be.) Now a quick break to socialize a little bit a check out a friend's new place and then we'll be back at it.