Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinterest Project: Pillow Cover

I'm learning to use the sewing machine now that I have some space to have one in my craft room.

I'll be practicing by making pillow covers.  Of course I started with a not so easy one, that I probably need to fix soon, but we like how it came out.  I used the reverse applique technique explained here:

To come up with this:

What I didn't do right:
zig zag stitch.  I used a straight stitch and since the blue fabric is burlap like, it's fraying to the point where we went past the numbers.  I fixed the "1" already, but will probably need to revisit the sewing machine to tighten up the rest.  I tried the zig zag stitch - but being new to the sewing machine I didn't realized you need to change the foot.  I almost killed it! And thinking about it now, I probably could have lost an eye if the needle broke.  I'll pay closer attention going forward.

What I did right:
I'm really happy with how I did the back.  I over lapped it so I can take the cover off.  Which will help when I correct the problem above.  And now that I've practice one one - I have a pretty good idea going forward how to size the cover based on the pillow size I bought.

Does everyone have a good first time sewing mistake? Please share, I hope I'm not the only one!


  1. I mess up sewing ALL the time. My bobbin comes unthreaded, I cut the wrong amount of fabric because I try to eyeball it instead of actually measuring... Things probably take me twice as long as they should, ha ha. Sewing machines are fickle friends.

  2. I'm guilty of trying to find shortcuts that often backfire! I am getting pretty good with the seam ripper! What I really hate is when the fabric and thread get sucked below the plate in a messy wad or when I go to refill the bobbin and set up the bobbin incorrectly and the thread goes everywhere!

    1. Lately the arm that brings the thread up and down drops it and the everything gets messed up! It took alot of time and then following the thread backwards to finally find out how to fix it. I thought my machine was dead!

      I have two more projects i finished that I'll share soon. The sewing isn't pretty but from a distance they look great.