Friday, May 4, 2012

Closet Make-Over

Project "The Kitchen Table Dumping Ground" is almost complete.

Our Command Center took care of many items on our "I need a home" list.  The rest involves a closet make-over.  Who doesn't love a good closet make-over?

Remaining Lost Boys:
  • Keys
  • Cell phones
  • Jackets
  • Purse
  • Gym Bag
  • Matt's hat and sunglasses
  • Mail
  • Things to remember (ex. invites, events)
  • Holiday cards
  • Pens
  • Coupons
  • Phone Charges
  • Grocery List
The starting point:

The Solution:

We're not quite done on the bottom, but we couldn't wait to show you!  When we moved in this closet had a door on it and was being used as a pantry.  And as much as I'd like more pantry space in the kitchen, the closet turned mini mud room needed to happen.

The hardware in this project was the most expensive.  If I did it again, we found them cheaper at Target.  The stripes on the wall was a lucky find in the oops paint section at Home Depot ($7 for a gallon.)

The cushions and baskets are also from Target.  All the wood work we painted with basic semi-gloss trim paint.  Have you converted any closets? I've seen mini mud rooms and closet offices and craft rooms all over the internet.  Would you have used this as a pantry instead?  We're just happy to get rid of The Dumping Ground!


  1. I actually think I would rather have a mudroom than a pantry, too. I've found that because we have so little food storage space, we buy less and end up wasting less.

    Did you guys make that shelf yourselves, or did you buy it?

    1. We did make the shelf ourselves. The boards against the wall with the hooks are 1x4s I think - they support the shelf as well. We actually made two shelves but after we got the first one up - realized the other won't fit - but it might make a reappearance helping us trim out the bottom.

  2. Looks great so far! I wish I had one of these. :)