Wednesday, January 18, 2012

House Tour...Started

So we jumped ahead alot - sharing a painting project already.   And I know I promised to show you the living room curtains, but A. that's probably boring, and B. don't you want the tour?  I mean, that's the fun part about open houses - poking around.  So let's start the blog open house, shall we?

Yes! Character and Detail! This is a bungalow, also known as a craftsman style - hence the detailed woodwork.

Since these post are going to be picture heavy, and I want to leave you hanging, we're going to stop there for now.  We'll share some of the inside soon! Stop by again tomorrow.

Not enough fun blog stuff for one post? Check out one of my "Pinterest - I did it!" posts at the Miss Meghan Elizabeth Blog.  It's for the house! Can you guess where it's going to go?


  1. Such a cute house!!!! I am very excited for you!


  2. Just catching up on all your posts so I'll just make one big comment! Congratulations on the house- it's very charming and the detail work is amazing. I love the dental moulding on the door! That looks like a great paint color you chose and it will go well with all the gorgeous trim. We went with basically the same type of color in our shared space- hallways, living, dining, kitchen (though only the upstairs hallway is painted that as of right now). It's funny that you started with the living room- we have been in our house for 2 years and haven't touched ours yet. We're too busy working on the rest of the house!! :) Our master bed and bath are almost finally done (with photos soon) and then it's on to the main living spaces. Good luck and have fun with all of your projects and I'll be back to check them out!

    1. Thanks Kristen! We're saving the master bedroom for last, haha, complete opposites. But my craft room is getting more attention then I thought it would in the beginning :-)

  3. This just kept getting better the more I scrolled down! I love the porch, and that will be great space to have when the weather is nicer. And then I saw THE RED DOOR. That color is so perfect! I'm drooling into my coffee.

  4. The red front door is gorgeous! I'll be checking back to see the rest of the house - looks lovely and full of character :)

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  5. That house definitely has some charm! Love it.