Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Little Word & 2014 Goals

This year I've decided to join the folks who do "One Little Word" as a new years resolution kind of goal and then focus their entire year on that word.  Many of my goals fit into the word already and it's something that I need to work on for myself.  The One Little Word I chose is:

I plan on using opportunities throughout this year to work on balance at home, at work, and with my health and happiness.  I already started with rescheduling my flight home during our trip to San Diego so I could stay one more day and visit Disneyland with my family.

Matt and I have other goals for 2014, both individually and as a team, but as you'll see, we're keeping the list short, and attainable.

18 Preston Goals
- Complete our exterior painting project
- Hire an electrician (and our first official contractor)
- Share 52 blog posts this year (anyone notice the little face lift!)

Matt's Goals
- Complete an obstacle race
- Finish a basement overhaul
- Have our first Tag Sale
- Workout every weekend

Meg's Goals
- Practice Yoga
- Finish converting the upstairs room to a craft/office space
- Have our first Yard Sale (for those of your who didn't grow up in Connecticut)
- Workout every weekend


  1. Short and attainable is my strategy as well for this year! I just peeked at your home tour and your little house is so adorable!!

    1. Luci - thank you so much for your comment! We're working hard to make the bones of out Bungalow finally look like one on the outside as well! I've been following your blog for a little while now - love the tips and I think you have the coolest job!

  2. I think "balance" is a great word of the year! I've seen a lot of people doing a theme like that instead of a list of goals, but I feel like I'm too scatterbrained for it to work. Haha. Your list sounds very doable! Good luck with that exterior painting!

    1. Thanks Paige! We'll need lots of luck. Hoping it goes faster than the first side. We'll have an update early next week on how far we got before winter.